10 Most Dangerous Countries In 2014

Here we will discuss 10 most dangerous countries in 2014. In this world, many people are interested to read about beautiful and safe countries in the world. But what about dangerous countries? There are various countries in this world which are announced as dangerous countries in the world. For the readers, we are sharing most dangerous countries in 2014. The list is given below.

10 Most Dangerous Countries In 2014

10. Colombia

Colombia is on number 10th as most dangerous country in the world. This country is famous for kidnapping cases in the whole world. Moreover, this country is also notorious for higher murder rates. In this country, no one person is completely safe from being attacked.

9. North Korea

If we talk about most dangerous countries then we should mention North Korea. If any person is a citizen of Korea then he should know that death can come in different ways. Today, the main problems face by North Korea are poverty and malnutrition. Because of these problems, tourists from all over the world reluctant to visit North Korea.

8. Pakistan

Unfortunately, Pakistan is also included in the list of most dangerous countries in the world. These days, Pakistan is facing many problems. The most important problem is terrorism. Moreover, the dangerous ingredients that exist in Pakistan are nuclear program, Al Qaeda, Taliban etc.

7. Mexico

In Mexico, every year thousands of people killed. Because of this reason Mexico is included in the list of dangerous countries. Actually, Mexico is a country plagued with different drug problems, high murder rates and kidnapping rates.

6. Brazil

We would like to mention that Brazil is famous for beautiful beaches. Apart from beaches, Brazil is also notorious for high crime rate like murder rates. Every year, almost more than 40,000 people murdered in Brazil. Moreover, robberies, kidnapping and other activities are very common in Brazil.

5. Sudan And South Sudan

If we talk about 10 most dangerous countries then we should mention Sudan and South Sudan together. Both are located in the southern part of Egypt. South Sudan is a Christian country and Sudan is an Islamic country. Both the countries are notorious for criminal activities.

4. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is also included in the list of most dangerous countries in the world. In other words it is the home of Al Qaeda terrorist organization. In Afghanistan, suicide bombers are very common. With the passage of time, there is rapid increase in the number of dangers of Afghanistan.

3. Somalia

Somalia is one of the most beautiful places in the whole world. But since 11990 Civil War this city has been facing with the conflict ridden through which they have lost their actual popularity. In the past the government of this city was wholesome controlled and supervised by the militias, warlords, and even pirates.

2. Iraq

When we mention the name of Iraq then just the name of being the most dangerous countries comes in our mind. The death of dictator Saddam Hussain allowed the American forces to start ruling in Iraq that make the situations even much more troublesome. Terrorism, bomb attacks and so on can be seen around in this country.

1.      Syria

On the last ranking of most dangerous countries we have the name of Syria.  Sine 2011 each year there are almost 60,000 people that lost their lives. Each year there are many kidnappings, murdering and attacks that take place in this country. This makes this place as one of the most dangerous countries in this world.

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